For many people, the day doesn’t start until they have their morning coffee. This isn’t necessarily the healthiest of habits, however. The caffeine in coffee can give you a false sense of energy, jitters, bad breath and insomnia. But you can try healthier substitutes and behavioral changes to get the java monkey off your back.

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Don’t try to simply give up your morning coffee cold turkey. This rarely works and you’ll find yourself lagging for many mornings in a row. Instead, try to switch to decaffeinated coffee first. Your body won’t receive the rush from the caffeine, but your mind will be fooled by the taste of coffee. For many people, morning coffee can be as psychological as it is physical.

Limit yourself to one cup of coffee per day. Also, try not to drink that cup of coffee at the same time. The point is to break yourself of any routine that you may have when it comes to drinking coffee in general.

Replace your morning coffee with healthier alternatives such as a grain beverage, herbal tea or green tea. You can find a variety of such drinks at health food stores.

Eat a meal for breakfast that involves both solid food and a beverage. A simple bowl of cereal, for example, could make you feel too full to even want a cup of coffee. Eventually, you’ll find that you no longer crave your morning coffee once you get into this routine.

Eat an apple in the morning instead of drinking a cup of coffee. An apple can actually energize you naturally in the same way that a regular cop of coffee will and is a much more healthy alternative.

Pick up a juice drink on your way to work or bring one with you. Juice will quench your thirst in the morning and have more vitamins and nutrients than any cup of coffee.

Get out of any morning routine while you’re attempting to replace your morning coffee. For many people, having that first cup of coffee in the morning may just be part of a daily routine. Consider waking up at a different time or exercising or simply doing things out of your normal order.