Silicone bras are padded undergarments, designed to support and often enhance. Commonly known as wing bras, these undergarments use removable tape — rather than straps — to secure themselves to your body. Over time the tape’s adhesive begins to lose its effectiveness, but you don’t have to dispose of the bra just yet. Replacement tape can be purchased online or at a lingerie store, allowing you to save money while extending the life of your silicone bra.

Things You'll Need

Lay the bra with the concave portion facing up.

Peel the old adhesive tape from the silicone bra, starting at the corner and slowly pulling up.

Remove the adhesive backing from the bra side of the adhesive replacement. Press and stick the tape the bra.

Peel off the paper or plastic backing on the backside of the tape that affixes the bra to your body.

Put on the bra. Press the adhesive to your body.