Starters help ignite the lamps on a tanning bed, and it is what makes the flicker just before the tanning bed comes on. If you have a faulty starter, then your bed will not turn on. Bad starters can also burn out the lamps on your bed. Starters should be replaced annually, but new electronic starters are now on the market and have a 10-year life usage.

Things You'll Need

Check the efficiency of your starter by seeing whether there is a delay when turning on the bed. Inefficient starters can also cause bulbs to blacken and should be changed immediately.

Unplug the tanning bed from the wall receptacle, or turn off the power to the receptacle from the fuse box.

Take off the tanning bed’s acrylic encasement from both the base and lid. Use a soft cloth to wipe both sides of the acrylic.

Remove the old starter and place in the new one. Often, you can just twist the starter 90 degrees and remove it, and then replace it with a new one.

Replace the acrylic top and base. Use a cloth to remove any smudges or remaining dirt particles.