French manicures on toes or fingernails provide a classy, timeless look that suits every season and outfit. Chips to your white tips can distract from the elegant look you not only wanted, but paid extra for. Increase the time between expensive nail salon visits by repairing chips to your French tips yourself.

Things You'll Need

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. File the area around the chip to make the edges smooth. Apply white nail polish to the chipped area using a small polish brush or French manicure white-tip pen.

Allow nails to dry for at least two minutes. Reapply white paint if necessary to blend the chipped area with the rest of the white tip. Allow to dry.

Apply a single coat of clear nail polish to the entire nail. Allow to dry.


  • In a pinch, use white correction fluid to touch up your French manicure. Filing the area first and applying a clear top coat will make the repair last longer and be less noticeable.