Waterproof mascara stays in place through rain showers, tears and other not-so-dry moments. Removing it is easy with the right products and a little patience, but always treat the eye-area gently and keep your eyes tightly closed when washing away mascara. If you have easily irritated skin, invest in a product that’s hypoallergenic or formulated for people with sensitivities.

Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Remove waterproof mascara by applying a waterproof eye makeup remover, which contains cosmetic-dissolving ingredients like mineral oil and butylene glycol, to a cotton ball. Shut your eye and gently press the cotton ball against your lashes for a few seconds before carefully wiping away the mascara. If you have a cleanser capable of dissolving waterproof mascara, skip the eye-makeup remover and use it to thoroughly wash your face, concentrating on your lashes.

Alternate Approaches

Several common household items can be used to remove waterproof mascara. Dab some olive oil on your fingers or a cotton ball and gently rub your lashes — the oil breaks down the makeup, making it easy to remove. Vaseline also works well, explains Beauty High. Simply apply it to your lashes, wait a minute and wipe everything away with a tissue before cleansing the rest of your face.