Cooking lobsters, whether you boil, steam or grill them, is only half the battle to getting to the sweet meat. You still need to crack through the shell with a lobster cracker or hammer to get to the claw and knuckle meat. The majority of meat in a lobster, though, is found in the tail section, which is a lot easier to get to once you cut away at the thin membrane on the underside of the tail.

Things You'll Need

Remove the tail end of the cooked lobster from the body: Firmly grab the top of the tail with one hand, hold the body with the other, and twist in opposite directions. The tail should pop off as you twist. This step is only necessary if you have cooked a whole lobster instead of just the lobster tail.

Place the lobster tail on a clean cutting board with the membrane side up.

Cut down both sides of the lobster tail, from the top of the tail to the bottom, cutting through the membrane. Kitchen shears are excellent for this task, but a sharp, small knife will work, as well.

Cut across the membrane at the bottom of the tail, right above the flat tail fins. Lift the membrane off of the lobster tail.

Scrape off any excess membrane stuck to the lobster tail meat with a sharp knife. The lobster meat is now exposed and ready to eat. Serve while still in the shell for presentation purposes, if desired.


  • Serve the lobster tail with melted butter and a slice of lemon. You can also serve it with a creamy, mayonnaise-based dipping sauce.