Micro braids are individual braids of mini sections of hair containing a few strands that are intermingled with hair extensions to provide support and length to your own hair for an extended period of time. The technique that most stylists use to secure the braid is to place a knot about an inch from where your hair stops. Removing these knots without cutting your own hair can be tricky depending on the efficiency of the stylist who performed the service; however, it can be done.

Things You'll Need

Section the hair into five parts using either clips or rubber bands. Begin with the crown; this will yield your first section.

Separate the back straight down the middle. This will yield two sections. Then separate the front in the same manner. This will yield the remaining two sections.

Begin with the crown section. Apply conditioner generously to the section of the hair. Each braid should be fully saturated from the shaft to the end. This will soften the hair and cause it to unravel so that your hair will separate from the extensions.

Separate your hair from the extension. If you are unsure of whether your stylist actually placed the knot 1 inch below where your hair stops, place one hand about 2 inches before the knot and hold the braid so that it extends away from the scalp. Then place the braid in between the thumb and the index finger of your other hand and gently pull across the braid.

Begin pulling your second hand across the braid just underneath the position of your first hand. Then reposition your second hand just underneath the point that you began and pull your second hand across the braid again. Continue this motion until you reach the knot. This repeated motion should cause your hair to separate from the extension.

Spiral your real hair around the index finger of one hand, take a pair of cuticle scissors in your other hand and cut the knot. Place one side of the scissors underneath the knot and cut upwards. You should feel the outside of the scissors across your index finger move in an upward motion. This will ensure that you do not cut your hair.

Cut the knot without separating your hair. If you are sure that the stylist actually placed the knot 1 inch below where your hair stops, you can simply cut each braid straight across just above the knot with a pair of standard cutting shears.


  • Begin with the crown in the event you have to make a public appearance before you can get the braids down and your hair restyled. You can still wear the braids up in a pony tail or a pin-up since the braids around the nape are still intact.

  • If you plan to complete the process in one sitting, it’s best to fully saturate the hair with conditioner and place a plastic cap over your head for an hour or two before you begin the process. It will help the hair to unravel and separate from the extensions.

  • Cutting shears are used by hair stylists to cut hair. These scissors are both smaller and lighter than your regular scissors.

  • It may be beneficial to have someone help you cut the knots if your stylist didn’t place the knot underneath where your hair stopped.