Professional-looking manicures involve well-groomed cuticles. Cuticles that are pushed back and neatly trimmed make nail beds look longer and prevent hangnails. Cuticles protect from bacteria and infection, so they shouldn’t be removed completely. However, removing excess cuticle skin with cuticle nippers is an important part of a nice manicure.

Things You'll Need

Apply cuticle-softening cream and rub it in. Take the blunt end of your cuticle pusher and push your cuticles back gently. While you’re pushing your cuticles back, they will come away from your nails slightly.

Hold cuticle nippers in your palm and angle the blade toward the loose skin of your cuticles. Squeeze the cuticle nippers and trim the excess skin away. Remember to cut the loose skin and nothing more, as removing cuticles completely can lead to infections.

Moisturize your cuticles after you’ve trimmed them with sweet almond oil. Sweet almond oil is great for cuticles and nail beds, but cuticle cream can be used also.