A gold ring does not tarnish; however, it can appear tarnished due to the presence of other metals used in the alloy that was mixed in to preserve the life of the ring. Gold rings can also appear tarnished because of dirt, oil and lotions that accumulate on your hands. You can remove the tarnish from your gold rings by using a few ordinary household supplies. This process is safe for your jewelry and can have your rings looking shiny and new.

Things You'll Need

Fill a bowl with warm water.

Squeeze two to three drops of dishwashing liquid into the bowl and use your finger to stir the mixture, creating suds. For best results, use plain dishwashing liquid without any added fragrances or other chemicals.

Place your tarnished gold rings in the bowl and allow them to sit in the mixture for approximately 10 minutes.

Scrub the rings gently with your fingers. If the rings still appear tarnished, scrub gently with a cotton swab until you remove all tarnish.

Remove the rings; plug the sink (to protect dropping the ring down the drain); and rinse with warm tap water.

Lay out a soft towel and place the rings on the towel. Allow the rings to air dry.