The time we spend out in the summer sun throughout the course of our lives results in many of our fondest memories. As we age, however, our skin tends to show the effects of our long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, often resulting in sunspots. These areas of hyperpigmentation do not have to be permanent; remove them using tried-and-true methods — and with items you probably already have in your kitchen.

Things You'll Need

Cut a lemon in half. Press the lemon directly to the sunspot, or squeeze it onto a cotton ball first. Repeat this process whenever you get the opportunity, multiple times per day.

Cut open a vitamin E capsule to gain access to the material within. Run this directly on the sunspot. Repeat twice a day.

Rub your face with a cut onion, avoiding your eyes. Add a garlic clove to really boost the effects of this treatment. Remember to wash your face after you’re done to eliminate the smell.


  • Always use sunscreen when exposed to the sun’s rays for any length of time. Many moisturizers provide SPF protection, eliminating a second step.