Skin tans by increasing melanin (a pigment) production in response to UV radiation in sunlight or tanning beds. There is no way to fade the skin cells that have tanned, but you can encourage the renewal of the surface of your skin to reveal untanned skin cells beneath the layer of tan by using an exfoliating body scrub before showering.

Things You'll Need

Combine salt or sugar and oil in a medium mixing bowl, using wooden spoon to mix thoroughly. Add a spoonful of honey and blend until the scrub seems smooth. Add more honey as needed to reach a creamy texture. Add lemon juice and blend.If using essential oil, blend in a couple of drops at a time until the scent is as strong as desired.

Apply the scrub before you shower. Rub handfuls into skin, concentrating on the darkest areas, using a circular motion to exfoliate the top later of cells.

Rinse the scrub in the shower. Apply moisturizer.

Store remaining scrub in airtight container, preferably in a cool, dark spot.


  • Use sunscreen (15 SPF or higher) daily to prevent the tan from darkening again.

  • Use a, scrub daily, or every other day.