Revlon Colorstay foundation prides itself on its lasting power, promising flawlessness and weightlessness for 16 “perfect” hours. So much so that some of its users have complained that it can be quite a task to wash off, leaving streaks and residues behind. Before you start scrubbing away at your skin, there is a way to remove Revlon Colorstay gently and thoroughly without damaging your most sensitive organ or breaking the bank.

Things You'll Need


Clear hair away from your face with the help of hair clips or a headband.

Open the label of your Revlon Makeup Remover Towelettes pack and pull out one towelette. Reseal label after each use to avoid drying out the towelettes.

Gently smooth towelette over face and eyes to remove all makeup.

If traces remain, take out a second towelette and pour a bit of eye and face makeup remover onto the towelette before smoothing it over your face once more. Rinse only if you have used makeup remover on the towelette. The use of the towelette alone does not require rinsing.

Dispose of the towelette in trash receptacle; do not flush.


Pour a few drops of moisturizing toner onto a cosmetic pad and dab on your face, avoiding the eye area.

Apply eye cream around the eyes (not too close) and follow with facial moisturizer to rehydrate your skin.

Let skin breathe until products have been absorbed and remove hair clips or headband.


  • If you find that there are still traces of makeup after Step 4, you may use a gentle daily exfoliating cleanser before applying the toner. Squirt a pea-size amount onto your fingers and gently rub it over your face in circular movements, avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly.

  • If you find that foundation tends to get lodged in your pores, even after thorough cleansing, try using a primer before applying your makeup. It could help create a protective barrier and smooth out lines and pores.

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