Dirty cup after drinking coffee
Parichart Thongmee/iStock/GettyImages

Coffee ring stains are part of the coffee-drinking experience. Sometimes you might forget that an important document or irreplaceable certificate is next to you when you place the coffee cup down. While you can wash clothing or scrub the stain from a work top, you can't get rid of a coffee ring from paper quite so easily. However, it's not difficult to remove the stain.

Dip the corner of the paper into water or dab an inconspicuous spot of the paper with water. The ink and colors should not run (most print will not run).

Soak the item overnight in a bucket or sink full of cold water.

Rub the stain gently with your finger or the toothbrush.

Dissolve the isinglass (a form of collagen made from fish) in the 175-degree Fahrenheit water and place in the shallow pan. Place the sheet of paper in the mixture for a few seconds and remove promptly.

Dry the paper between two sheets of blotting paper.


Before you soak the paper in water, clip a few small pieces from the sides of the paper and soak overnight to make sure the water won't harm the paper.

If this procedure doesn't work, try spraying the paper with laundry pre-treatment spray and repeating the above process.


Rub the item gently, especially if the stain is covering print or pictures.