Cellulite is fat deposits under the skin that cause lumps and hollows in the skin. Besides being unsightly, cellulite affects the lymphatic system, body tissues and blood circulation. In addition to aesthetic issues, cellulite causes symptoms such as varicose veins, cold feet and pain in the affected area.

Practice yoga. Called a “cellulite exercise,” yoga and the deep breathing associated with yoga is a type of exercise that seems to help smooth out cellulite.

Build muscle using resistance training. Resistance training is a great way to reduce cellulite lumps and dpressions while it enhances muscle definition. Resistance exercises for the leg include lunges, squats, leg curls and leg presses.

Do aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise, such as swimming, walking, stair stepping, dancing and other activities that exercise the heart help increase muscle, reduce fat, and burn calories, all of which are helpful in removing cellulite from the legs.

Use diet to remove cellulite from your legs. Because the origin of cellulite is excess fat, dieting to lose weight can help eliminate cellulite. Recent investigative research showed that persons who lost more weight had the greatest reduction in cellulite.

Consider laser treatment to remove cellulite. Laser treatment for cellulite is in its infancy, but preliminary studies show that laser treatment is very effective in removing cellulite. It should be combined with other methods of cellulite reduction, because, after treatment, cellulite will return.