Blackheads (or comedones) are pores that have larger openings, which get clogged with dirt and dead skin. The oxidation of melanin results in their black color. Read on to learn about how to remove blackheads.

Things You'll Need

Purchase facial cleanser and acne cream that contain salicylic acid, which will help dry out the oil in the pores. Some facial cleansers have exfoliating beads that help too.

Let warm water run in the bathroom sink and hover your face over the steam. This will help open your pores.

Try to extract some of the black material with tweezers. Or gently apply pressure to the sides of the pore with clean fingers.

Wash your face with the facial cleanser then apply an acne cream to problem areas.


  • Try to extract the blackheads during the night so your face has time to heal and not be so red by the morning.