Age spots and freckles are the result of an extra skin pigmentation called “melanin.” As we age, large brown patches on areas of skin exposed to the sun begin to show. Caucasians and those of Northern European descent are more likely to be affected. People over age 50 will start noticing these particular signs of aging although dark pigmentation caused by sun exposure and tanning beds is being seen in much younger people. Another cause of age spots in the elderly is the liver’s lack of ability to eliminate toxins from the body. The good news is that removing freckles and age spots is relatively easy.

Things You'll Need

You can use skin-lightening creams to lighten freckles and age spots. You can purchase them from your doctor by prescription or at retail drug sources as an effective over-the-counter solution.

A doctor or licensed esthetician must perform laser removal of age spots and freckles. Your skin can be red for a short time but the effect is permanent removal.

A dermatologist or licensed esthetician must do dermabrasion. This method of removing extra pigmentation feels a little like a sandpaper treatment and can be slightly painful.

A Chemical Peel is another form of age spot removal using an acid on the face. Your doctor or licensed esthetician can do it quickly.

Holistic remedies include taking a cotton ball and dabbing buttermilk, lemon juice or onion juice mixed with apple cider vinegar on age spots. These natural cures will take longer but are effective.

Diet is crucial for the liver to rid your body of toxins and avoid age spots in the first place. Eat raw vegetables, cut out fried foods and avoid any rancid oils.


  • First, consult your doctor to check unusual spots for skin cancer.

  • Report any unusual side effects of treatment.

  • Limit sun exposure.

  • Eat a healthy diet including more antioxidants.

  • Use a sun protection cream with a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

  • Avoid tanning beds.