A virus called human papillomavirus (HPV) facilitates the growth of warts. Warts can grow over various parts of the body. However, most people have had at least one wart on the base of a foot or toe. Toe warts can go away over time without treatment. Alternatively you can choose one of several treatments to remove the wart.

Things You'll Need

Use a nail file to remove tough, dead skin regularly from the toes. Medical professionals advise doing this once every two days. Removing dead skin makes the wart easier to treat with medication.

Go to the drug store. Search for medicines that you must apply to the wart daily for a few weeks. Advise the attendant of your toe condition and buy the product recommended. Read the medicine package carefully and treat the wart as advised.

Contact your doctor if the product purchased from the drug store fails to remove the toe wart. Go to the drug store and get the medicine prescribed by your doctor. Doctors usually prescribe podophylin or salicylic acid. Apply the treatment as advised on the packaging.

Get surgery done on the wart if the previous two methods fail. Medical professionals use freezing (cryotherapy), burning (electrocautery) or laser treatment to surgically remove a wart from a toe. Contact your doctor and seek advice if previous treatments fail to remove the wart.