Artificial eyes allow for people who have lost an eye to create the illusion of facial symmetry and avoid the attention drawn to other methods of concealment. Despite the development of eyes made from plastics and other materials, glass eyes are still the preferred prosthetic among many people. Two of the most important considerations when removing a glass eye are cleanliness and carefulness. If you have been outfitted with a glass eye, practice removing and replacing the prosthetic with your eye doctor or a professional before trying it yourself at home.

Wash your hands under warm water with soap. Lather and rinse.

Position yourself before a mirror. Place a towel or soft cloth under the mirror and plug the drain, if standing over a lavatory. Tilt your head downward at a slight angle while viewing the glass eye in the mirror.

Place your forefinger against the middle of the lower lid, parallel to your eyelashes. Apply pressure to tease the tissue of the lower lid down lower than the bottom of the artificial eye. Drag your forefinger, simultaneously, toward the cheekbone. Collect the disengaged eye.


  • When preparing to pop the prosthesis out of the eye socket, hold one hand underneath the eye, with the palm up, in case it suddenly pops out.