Pushing a cork into a full wine bottle won’t harm the wine, but once you’ve finished the bottle you may wonder what to do about the cork. If you collect corks or want a neat trick for your next party, consider an effective way to remove the cork from an empty wine bottle without hurting the cork or the bottle. Using a standard household cloth napkin and a few shakes, your cork will come right out.

Things You'll Need

Fold your cloth napkin from corner to corner and roll it up so that you can insert it into the wine bottle.

Insert the napkin into the empty wine bottle and twist it so that the folds inside the bottle become undone and the napkin opens up slightly.

Shake the bottle upside down until the cork falls into the folds of the napkin, parallel to the wine bottle neck.

While holding the bottle upside down to prevent the cork from falling out of the folds, slowly pull out the napkin. As the napkin compresses while coming out of the bottle’s neck, it will trap the cork and pull it out with the remainder of the cloth.


  • You may also have success using this technique with a standard plastic shopping bag.