Women can solve some problems with discomfort from high heels with preventative measures. A full-shope insert can add some helpful cushion, and open-toe high heels will take some pressure off corns and calluses. Even with those steps, most high heels will leave a woman looking for a little foot relief. There are a few things to try before you give up on the shoes.

Things You'll Need

Apply a foot therapy cream to the feet before and after wearing heels. When the shoes come off, massage the feet and lower legs with the cream.

Soak the feet in a warm foot bath filled with Epsom salts. Keep the feet in the water for at least 30 minutes.

Before or after the soaking treatment, sit with your feet elevated for at least 15 minutes. This should limit the chance of swelling in the feet.

Use a foot massager if you are in pain. This can help ease tension in the foot and work out knots.


  • If you have a serious pain problem, cut down on the number of times you wear heels. If nothing else, keep a flat pair of shoes on hand. Slip those shoes on if you have to take long walks across hard surfaces.