Cooking foods in a deep fryer makes crispy main dishes, appetizers and vegetables. Foods with batter or a coating on them disperse small particles into the cooking oil. These small particles can leave an odor in the cooking oil or can burn if they are not removed. If you refresh your deep fryer cooking oil and add additional oil to it, you may cook additional batches of food or store for later uses. Refreshing cooking oil also reduces the cost of purchasing more oil for your deep fryer, as most use more than one bottle to raise the level inside to the minimum oil line.

Things You'll Need

Unplug the deep fryer and let the cooking oil cool completely.

Place cheesecloth in a large strainer to line the bottom and sides of the holes. Place the strainer on a measuring cup with a spout that is larger around at the top than the strainer bottom.

Pour the deep fryer oil slowly into the lined strainer. If the deep fryer is too large or heavy to lift, ladle the oil into the strainer. The cheesecloth will catch any small fried food particles and allow the liquid cooking oil to drain into the large bowl below.

Place a funnel into the original cooking oil container. Pour the refreshed cooking oil into the container out of the measuring cup spout.

Place a piece of masking tape on the cooking oil container. Write the date on it for future reference. Cooking oil may be used three or four times or within a month.

Place the lid tightly on the cooking oil container and store in a cool dry place.


  • You can store refreshed cooking oil in the refrigerator for four or five months. It will thicken as it gets cold, but returns to its normal consistency when it is heated for the next use.

  • If you do not have cheesecloth on hand, you can substitute three layers of paper towels to line the strainer.