Did you know you can refill those expensive K-Cups from Keurig? It’s true!

My-Kaps allow you to reuse your K-Cups. Fill them with your favorite coffee or tea. Use them many times before they have to be thrown out for good. Saving you money for each cup you brew while expanding on your brewing options.

Things You'll Need

Take your previously used K-Cup and carefully tear off the foil and plastic lid.

Empty it’s contents and rinse carefully under running water. Be careful not to tear the paper filter inside. Then let it dry completely.

When dry, refill with 2-3 tablespoons of your favorite coffee or tea.

Place your My-Kap lid securely on the top of the cup.

Place the hole (that is on the bottom of the cup) in the 12 o’clock position in your Keurig machine. Follow the usual steps of turning the power on and selecting your mug size.

Important: HOLD down the lever on the machine until the brewing is complete, usually only 20-30 seconds.

Enjoy your beverage!


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VIDEO: How To Refill Keurig Cups