The most drastic way to reduce the appearance of a large nose is to get surgery, though most people who think they have a large nose may not want to go this far. There are two non-surgical ways to reduce the appearance of a large nose. You can use strategically apply cosmetics to alter your appearance and work with hairstyles that take attention away from it.

Things You'll Need

Apply cream foundation that is a shade darker than your skin to the sides of your nose if you have a wide nose. Colors which are darker than your skin make the places covered by it appear smaller, lighter colors emphasize features. Start a thin straight line of the darker foundation from your eyebrows down to the tip of your nose.

Draw a straight brighter line down the center of your nose to improve the appearance of a thin nose.

Apply cream foundation that is darker than your skin to the tip of your nose if your nose is too long;, this will make it look shorter.

Blend the edges of the make-up together to make your entire nose look smaller.

Style your hair so that enough of your face is showing to balance out your features. Style your hair away from the face on the sides. This makes your cheeks and the side of your face seem larger and more in proportion with your nose.

Cut your hair into an asymmetrical style to draw attention away from a larger nose. You can sharply angle lines in your bangs or have higher or lower volume on different sides of the face.


  • If your nose is crooked as well as being large, apply darker make-up in straight lines along the side.