Whether baldness is a fashion choice or the result of family genetics, many people do not want to sport a shiny head. Several factors contribute to noticeable scalp shine, including skin oiliness or an extremely smooth shave. You can reduce bald head glow by changing the way you shave and changing the skin care products you use. Some skin care companies offer products specifically designed to give your bald scalp a matte look. You may have to adjust your skin care system a few times to get the right combination of products.

Things You'll Need

Take a warm shower or place a damp, warm towel on your head for one minute. If showering, wash your scalp with an oil-control shampoo. Squirt the product in your hand, then apply it to your wet head.

Apply a dry shave gel to the area you wish to shave. Dry formulas are less messy than wet foams and gels.

Shave the hair in the direction of your hair growth using a shaver designed for head maintenance. These shavers will have ergonomic handles that are easier to use than typical razors.

Rinse away the shaving gel. Pat your scalp dry with a soft towel.

Squirt a small amount of oil-free, shine-reducing moisturizer to the palm of your hand. Pat the product into the scalp area. This will hydrate your freshly shaved skin without making it oily.


  • The softer the hair, the less pressure needed to shave the head too closely. A super-close shave will result in head shine.

  • Keep a clean hand towel in your car or office to pat oiliness from your head.

  • Always wear a sunscreen before stepping outside.