Pantyhose provides you with a way to cover up your legs and hide any blemishes or spots you don’t wish to reveal when wearing a skirt or dress. They’re also beneficial when you have a professional dress code at work; women also wear them under pants when wearing formal shoes. The downside to pantyhose, though, is they can be difficult to put on without ripping or tearing them. Pantyhose are made with a delicate, thin material. With the right size of pantyhose and the correct way to put them on, it’s an easy task with no unattractive tears.

Things You'll Need

Remove jewelry from your hands, such as rings and bracelets, and check your nails for sharp edges. These can cause visible snags in your pantyhose and cause a large rip.

Roll the pantyhose within your hands from the waist to the feet before putting them on. With the rolled pantyhose in your hands, slip one foot through one side, then the other foot through the other side.

Slowly roll up one leg of the pantyhose to your knee, being careful not to stretch too tightly and cause rips or tears. Repeat with the other side.

Stand up and continue pulling the pantyhose up to your waist. Run your hand from your ankle to the tops of your legs tso the pantyhose are smooth with no bunches or snags in them.