In the 1960s, women created the fashionable dramatic, dark eye with banded false eyelash strips. These strips created a too uniform, obviously fake set of eyelashes that would sometimes curl away from the lash line by the end of the evening. Modern beauty experts recommend individual eyelash extensions instead, which create a more natural looking yet still striking eye. Individual eyelash extensions can last several months and fall off one at a time, so you can also avoid the embarrassment of peeling lashes, but they require a careful touch or they won’t give you the look you want.

Things You'll Need

Wash your face and eyes with an oil-free cleanser, and then dry your face completely. Pull your hair completely away from your face and secure it with a head band. Choose an area for your application with bright, even light.

Grasp an eyelash with your tweezers. Dip the root end of your eyelash into the adhesive

The root end will have a tiny, bulbous end.

Apply the glued end to the lashes at the lash root. Look down with the eye into your mirror as your apply top lashes, and look up into your mirror as you apply bottom lashes. Start at the eyelid’s outer edge, and work your way towards the inner eyelid. Place long lashes towards the outer edge, and shorter towards the inner edge.

Stop the process if your eyes begin to water. Sit up straight, close your eyes and dab away moisture with a tissue. Once the watering has calmed, you can proceed.

Apply three or four at a time, and then check the results. A little goes a long way with individual eyelash extensions. Comb your lashes gently when the glue dries, which should take only a few minutes.


  • For the best results, have a friend apply your lashes for you.

  • Match your individual eyelash extensions to your eyelash color, not your mascara. Your extensions will stay on all the time, so you’ll want them to match your eyelashes even without make up. If you wear glasses, choose lashes that aren’t so long that they will interfere with your eyewear.

  • Use a non-oil-based eye make up remover to get the most mileage out of your lashes. Oil-based products will loosen your eyelash adhesive.

  • Wait about a half day to shower after application, and avoid touching your eyes.