How to Put on Eyeliner for Asian Eyes

By Lea WhiteFeather

If you have Asian eyes, you may have found eye-makeup application challenging; after all, many makeup instruction manuals focus primarily on techniques for Caucasian features. You may have even stopped defining your eyes with eyeliner altogether, as you've found that the product does not stay put on your lash line and smudges on your lid. Armed with a little know-how and smudge-resistant, waterproof makeup, you can go back to applying eyeliner, making the most of your Asian eyes whether or not you choose to wear eyeshadow with the eyeliner.

Learn how to enhance Asian eyes with eyeliner.

Step 1

Get your eyes ready for makeup by applying an eye primer on clean lids from lash line to browbone. After the primer is absorbed, smooth on an eyeshadow base, also from lash line to browbone. Prepping your eyelids helps any makeup you wear here last longer and appear more vibrant. Dust translucent powder on your lids to set the primer and base.

Step 2

Work a creamy waterproof eyeliner into your upper lash lines. Do not attempt to draw a line on your eyelids--think of this as a way to make your lashes appear thicker and lusher. Make sure no skin is showing in between the eyeliner and your lashes. You may apply the same product on your lower lash lines, but maintain a light hand here, as you don't want bottom-heavy eye makeup pulling your features down.

Step 3

Trace over the eyeliner on your top lash lines with waterproof liquid eyeliner. If you want thicker, more evident eyeliner, prop your elbow on a steady table or countertop for support. You don't have to swipe on the line in one fluid motion; you may dot the product on along your lash line and neatly connect the dots. Keeping your eyes at least half-open, wing the eyeliner out at the ends to give your eyes a lift, especially if they happen to be downturned. Closing your eyes all the way as you add wings to your eyeliner will give you results that look entirely different from when your eyes are open. This is particularly true for Asian eyes.