False eyelashes are often associated with glamor and over-the-top fashion, but these little cosmetic accessories are fantastic for everyday use. They add volume and precision to the lash line for those with sparser eyelashes or anyone who wants to make a bold statement and increase the thickness and length of their lashes. In either case, bottom eyelashes can help enunciate and open up the unique shape of your eye to create a refreshed and vibrant appearance. Applying bottom eyelashes, also known as lower lashes, is very similar to applying top false eyelashes.

Things You'll Need

Coat your bottom lashes with a black no-clump mascara to thicken them and prepare them for the false eyelashes. Be sure that all of the hairs are separated and sit neatly underneath the eye.

Remove one strip of bottom eyelashes from the container and hold a few of the hairs with a pair of tweezers.

Trim off the end of the eyelashes using a pair of cuticle scissors if they are too long for the length of your eye. Usually bottom lashes should span from the inner edge of your iris to the outer corner of your eye.

Apply a thin line of eyelash glue to the strip on the eyelashes. Be sure to make this line very thin. If necessary, use a clean toothpick to smooth out the adhesive and make it one straight, clean line.

Allow the eyelash glue to become tacky in the air for about a minute.

Apply the eyelashes to just underneath your natural bottom lashes and carefully push just underneath the lash line. Use the tweezers to put gentle pressure on the lashes so that the entire strip sticks to your bottom lash line.

Allow the lashes to dry in place for a couple of minutes and repeat the process with the other eye.

Apply a small amount of charcoal or black eyeliner to your water line or just along the lash line to create a smoky and blended look after the bottom lashes have been applied. Sweep an angled brush along the lash line to smooth out any irregularities.


  • Bottom lashes look best when they are also paired with voluptuous top lashes.

  • Practice makes perfect. If you have never applied false eyelashes practice applying them when you have some extra time so that you don’t feel rushed.

  • Buy bottom eyelashes that are slightly shorter and less voluminous than top lashes to create a more natural effect.