If you’re just getting started with makeup, one of the easiest things you can do to enhance your features is using eye shadow, even in its most basic form. Shadow gives your eyes a little oomph without changing your overall look too much. Putting on basic eye shadow only takes one color – any color you choose – and a couple of eye shadow brushes.

Choosing Your Brushes

When it comes to eye shadow application, the brush makes all the difference — an artist is only as good as her tools. For basic eye shadow application, you’ll need two brushes: a flat, stiff brush with dense bristles and a soft, fluffy brush for blending. Sometimes brushes have names to help you narrow down your search. The flat, stiff brushes are often called shadow brushes, while the fluffy brushes may be labeled blending or crease brushes.

Put the Base in Basic

Eye shadow primers might not seem very “basic” – but shadow bases couldn’t be easier to apply and can make all the difference when it comes to simple shadows.

Application: Step One

Dip your flat, stiff brush into your eye shadow color and tap it with your finger to remove any excess powder from the brush.

Application: Step Two

Press color onto your lid from your lash line to your eye crease. Don’t swipe the color on, but press the brush into your lid instead. This ensures the most color pay off and helps your eye shadow last longer. Keep the color on your eyelid – don’t extend the color past your lid toward your temple.

Application: Step Three

Use the soft, fluffy brush to blend out any harsh lines. Solid, harsh lines are the telltale sign of an eye shadow newbie. Place the tip of the brush at the outer corner of your eye and move it across your crease – where the eye shadow color ends – in a windshield wiper motion.

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