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Cornrows are braids created close to the scalp; they are often worn with long extensions or in a bun. Cornrows originated in Africa and have become a very popular style in various parts of the world. Although cornrows with extensions are predominately worn by African Americans, due to the versatility of cornrows any ethnicity may wear the style. To put in cornrows with extensions you will need to garner up a little patience but with practice you will be able to put in cornrows with extensions in your hair with ease.

Shampoo your hair with a moisturizing conditioner. Rinse the shampoo out completely with warm water.

Add a generous amount of your favorite conditioner throughout your hair. Let the conditioner remain on your hair for several minutes. Rinse the conditioner out and blot any excess water.

Apply a moisturizing leave in conditioner. Cantu makes a wonderful Shea butter enriched leave in conditioner that is ultra moisturizing for dry hair.

Allow your hair to air dry.

Use your wide tooth comb to make parts in your hair. To put in cornrows with extensions create small parts in each section of your hair going from the front of the hairline to the nape of the hairline.

Use the large hair clip to separate the hair you are not working with.

Lay the hair extensions onto a flat surface, you may choose to use human hair or synthetic. Synthetic hair works well for longer braids.

Take the amount of hair you need to complete the cornrows. If you want to put in cornrows with extensions that are large use about 2.5 inches in width of hair for medium to large cornrows and less for smaller cornrows.

Hold the extensions up at eye level; this is done to ensure the sides of the extension hair are even.

Tilt your head in the opposite direction from where you are putting in the first cornrow extension, for example if you are starting on the left side tilt your head to the right. This allows you to get a firmer grip and neater cornrows.

Position your hand in an upward position. Your hands will be resting on the portion of your head you are braiding.

Feed the extensions in to the hair using an underhand motion by lifting the hair strands on the left (depending on the side you are working on this will be the right sections of hair) and crossing them under the middle strands of hair; the left sections of hair will become the middle strand. Take the hair on the right and pull it under the middle strand; the right sections will become the middle strand.

Begin to braid the hair in a downward direction until you have reached the length of the cornrow you want to achieve. You will follow the same steps to put in cornrows with extensions until you have completed your entire head.

Cut any fly away strands from the extensions using your trimming scissors.


Use a video tutorial to help assist you while putting in your cornrows. Wrap your cornrows with a silk or satin head scarf at bedtime.


Do not leave cornrows in for more than 4 weeks.

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