Spiral rings are most often worn in navel piercings, but can also be worn in earlobes and eyebrows. They are longer than a standard curved barbell, but are inserted in the same way. To safely insert a spiral ring — or any piercings — take steps to keep your hands and jewelry clean.

Things You'll Need

Wash your piercing, your hands and the spiral ring with hot water and antibacterial soap. Use a clean paper towel to dry them. If the spiral ring is in an autoclave bag, it has been sterilized and does not need to be washed.

Screw one bead onto one end of the ring.

Dip the other end of the ring into a drop of antibacterial soap to lubricate it. This will make insertion easier and more comfortable.

Insert the lubricated end of the jewelry into your piercing. Twist the jewelry gently until equal portions of the spiral stick out above and below the piercing.

Wipe the antibacterial soap off your skin and jewelry with another clean paper towel. Screw the other bead into the jewelry.

Twist the beads in opposite directions to tighten them.


  • Set up a clean area to work in before inserting a piercing to minimize the risk of infection.