In 48 hours, you can purify water of contaminants such as cholera, typhoid and bacteria. As an added benefit, you’ll like the taste. By using this method of purifying tap water, you can also reduce your expensive bottled water habit. And you’ll be helping the environment as you cut down on purchasing plastic bottles. This method can also work during an emergency.

Things You'll Need

Purchase the largest glass bottles of juice you can find. Drink the juice, but save the bottle and lid.

Rinse the bottles of juice and fill them with tap (or another more natural source of fresh) water. Leave about two inches of space between lid and fill line. Note that water other than tap water may need to be filtered to remove dirt or other solids.

Place bottles in direct sunlight on a nonflammable surface. Leave the bottles for 48 hours.

Enjoy your purified water. You may want to allow it to cool first, however.


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