Toe deformities, like hammer toe, can dampen the fun of wearing high heels. Besides the embarrassment of displaying bent, sometimes calloused, toes; heel-wearers may experience toe and foot pain, too. You don’t have to trade in your favorite heels, but you should take precautions to protect the toes. Special foot products and proper shoe sizing can bring you some relief. If your toe condition worsens or you have difficulty wearing heels, you should consult a podiatrist for correction suggestions.

Things You'll Need

Purchase shoes large enough to accommodate the toe. Wearing high heels that are too short or too tight can worsen the problem. Look for shoes that have a wide toe box and good arch support. You should avoid purchasing shoes that are extremely tall. Try the shoes on before you take them home.

Cover the raised toe joint with a skin-toned, felt callous pad. This will protect the toe’s skin while you wear your heels.

Wear a hammer toe regulator with your shoes. You can purchase regulators at a shoe store or a pharmacy. In some cases, you may have to consult a physician for a customized regulator.


  • Wear comfortable shoes if you have a long walk or commute to work. Put on your heels when you get there, and remove them as soon as you can.

  • Exercise your toes before wearing high heels. By building the toe muscles, you may ease some of the pain.