An Afro consists of tightly curled hair strands that grow outward to form a rounded shape. The hairstyle requires a six-month growth period and proper maintenance to achieve its shape. This involves trimming, moisturizing, and combing or picking the hair.

Things You'll Need

Remove hair weaves or extensions before growing an Afro, and trim the hair with a pair of scissors to stimulate new growth.

Use a wide-toothed comb or hair pick to raise the hair straight up and out to create a rounded shape. Combing or picking also distributes the hair’s natural oils to prevent scalp dryness.

Keep the hair from breaking and splitting by moisturizing it regularly with pomade or light moisturizing spray.

Let the Afro grow out for six months and continue moisturizing and combing or picking the hair to stimulate growth and maintain the hairstyle.


  • Visit a salon periodically to trim and shape the Afro.

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