How to Print on Neoprene

By LeafTV Contributor

Neoprene is a soft, yet sturdy material used for laptops and MP3 covers. You can also find this material on accessories such as gloves and socks. If you prefer, purchase Neoprene by the sheet to printout your favorite designs or images. You can use the sheets to customize your garments and accessories. Even though you are using a slightly different material, you will find how easy it is to print out your images.

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Select an image of your liking. You can either choose your own, or select one from a photo website.

Place the Neoprene-coated sheet in the printer carriage. Make sure the coated side is facing downward.

Click "File" and "Print." Wait for the image to print out.

Allow the ink to dry on the paper. Use the image to iron onto a T-shirt, canvas bag or a tablecloth, just for example.


  • Get permission to use the image before you print it out.

  • Cut the Neoprene sheet if it too large for your printer.