Prom night often ranks high on the list of events a girl will want to remember for the rest of her life. Many women want to keep their prom dresses years after they’ve gone out of style, never to be worn again. For the sake of memories, it’s important to keep the dress looking like it did on that magical evening.

Have the dress professionally cleaned as soon as possible to remove any food, drinks or body oils. The longer these things are left on the gown, the harder it is to remove them later. Be sure that any sequins or beads on the dress can survive the cleaning process.

Stuff bodices and curved areas of the prom dress with acid-free white tissue paper. This will prevent these areas from becoming creased over time.

Fold the dress carefully and wrap it entirely, using the same acid-free tissue paper that was used to stuff the curved areas.

Place the prom dress in an acid-free, archival safe cardboard box. Many formal wear and bridal gown shops offer special boxes for preservation purposes.

Keep the prom dress stored in a cool, dry location. Dampness and heat can ruin the dress over time.

Change the box that the dress is stored in every 3 to 5 years to prevent the box from re-acidifying and harming your prom dress.


  • Check on the condition of your dress every 1 or 2 years to ensure that there are no severe creases and/or latent stains.