Chocolate-covered strawberries are quite possibly the most romantic dessert. Of course, this is evident in the price tag they carry. Leading chocolate companies offer this romantic classic for $50 per dozen. That’s a steep price when you consider that you can make chocolate-dipped strawberries for less than $10. There is some work involved. For starters, you must prepare the strawberries before they can be dipped in chocolate. This ensures your strawberries are clean and free of blemishes. Plus, it makes them easier to dip.

Things You'll Need

Rinse strawberries under clean water. When you prepare strawberries for other desserts, you might wipe the berries down with a damp towel. In this case, it’s best just to rinse them under cold water so that the stems also get cleaned. If your strawberries came in a plastic container, you don’t even need to use a colander. There are holes in the containers that allow you to quickly rinse the berries.

Dry the berries thoroughly. Wet strawberries mold quickly. Even if you just prepared your chocolate dipped strawberries the night before, you may see mold if they aren’t thoroughly dried. Just take a towel and gently wipe away the moisture from the flesh of the berries. The stems will need to be patted dry or you could risk tearing the leaves.

Remove any blemishes. It doesn’t matter how closely you look for the perfect box of strawberries, there’s always one that has a blemish. Berries with blemishes can sometimes be saved simply by cutting away the blemish. If the berry is mushy, throw it away and move on to inspecting the others.

Insert skewers into the stem end of the strawberries. You can skip this step, but it isn’t advisable. While you can simply hold onto the stem as you dip the berry into the chocolate, the stem sometimes isn’t strong enough and will break off. Skewers make it easy to quickly dip each strawberry before the chocolate burns or sets up. It also makes it easier to place the strawberries in their final destination so the chocolate can harden.


  • Long stemmed strawberries offer the most beautiful look and the size of berries is more consistent.
    For the best results, prepare your strawberries right before dipping in chocolate.