Small crystals peeling away your top layer of skin sounds like a serious procedure, but microdermabrasion is fairly simple and painless. You can prepare yourself for this procedure by setting realistic expectations for the results and gathering materials to help speed your recovery.

Notify your doctor of any medicines or skin care products that you use or have used in the past month. Also let her know if you have any chronic skin conditions such as eczema.

Stop using any other exfoliating products as you prepare to get microdermabrasion on your face. These products can interfere with both home and professional treatments. Rinse your face with warm water to help open up your pores.

Make yourself comfortable and be sure that circulation to your limbs won’t be interrupted by your posture. Professional equipment is used to encourage blood flow to the treated area by rubbing it, but you need to be sure that your arms and legs are straight if you’re getting microdermabrasion on them.

Purchase any required aftercare products before the procedure or immediately after. The doctor will likely apply some moisturizer afterwards, so you won’t need to worry about skin care until later in the evening. Look for a moisturizing cream, sunscreen and a vitamin-rich ointment.

Find out how effective microdermatology is expected to be for your skin condition. While the procedure is simple and painless, it doesn’t penetrate deeply enough into your skin to correct extensive problems or large areas of deep scar tissue. Prepare other options, such as laser surgery, if your doctor doesn’t think microdermabrasion will remove your skin problems completely.

Research different product lines if you plan to use a home microdermabrasion kit. Look for consumer reviews and don’t listen solely to marketing claims. Ask friends and spa workers for their recommendations and don’t be afraid to try several different brands.

Decide whether you want to have your treatment in the morning or in the evening. If you like or need to wear makeup, try to schedule your microdermabrasion for after work because you may be asked to avoid heavy cosmetics for 12 hours. Home microdermabrasion kits are often less strict about avoiding maquillage.