When it comes to an attractive and appetizing salad, the eye is attracted to two things: abundance and variety. The more colors and textures that a salad appears to contain, the better it will look. Decorative salad making does not depend on fancy cutting skills or odd ingredients. Choose your ingredients with an eye to color and shape, and your salad will be a feast to the eye.

Things You'll Need

Begin your salad with a base of colorful greens. Iceberg is very bland looking, as well as having almost no distinctive flavor, so try some other types of lettuce. Romaine is an attractive dark color, spinach adds a nice touch, and spring greens have a good variety of shapes and colors. Fill your salad bowl about two-thirds of the way with your greens.

Cut your vegetables in attractive and bite-sized pieces. Peppers in many colors can be sliced and then the slices chopped into bits. Cherry tomatoes should be sliced in half for easier fork spearing. Score cucumber peeling with a fork to create a striped effect, then cut each cucumber in quarters and slice the quarters. Chop broccoli into small florets. Peel carrots and slice them into coins, or use a peeler to make thin slices.

Cut the meats and cheeses into uniform pieces, about half an inch across. The larger variety that you have, the more attractive your final salad will be.

Design your salad by mentally dividing the surface of the bowl into quarters. Place a line of some type of vegetable along each of the four dividing lines. Perhaps you can sprinkle chopped peppers along the lines, with a different color pepper in each line.

Make a design in each quarter of the salad surface, using a variety of vegetables, meats and cheeses. Keep symmetry in mind with all of the design. You may want to make concentric circles radiating from the center of the salad, or fill in the sections with a kaleidoscope of color designs. Keep each of the four sections similar, but they don’t have to be exact.


  • For the most impressive presentation, don’t let anyone toss the salad; simply use tongs to serve onto salad plates.

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