When it comes to celebrating with friends and family, there is nothing better than hanging around the backyard barbecue. Whether it’s a summer cookout, or an excuse for one last use in the fall, grilling is a great way to bring friends and family together. But if you’ve just purchased a new grill, you need to know how to prepare it for that first barbecue event.

Things You'll Need

Charcoal Grill

Remove the grate off the outdoor grill.

Use a paper towel to slather a healthy amount of vegetable shortening over the grate.

Pour charcoal into the grill base and light it. Using lighter fluid may aid in this process if the charcoal is being stubborn.

Return the grate to the grill using tongs or heat glove. Cover the grill and allow the charcoal to heat the grill grate until the charcoals burn off. The heat and oil seasons the grate, making it ready for use.

Gas Grill

Attach the propane nozzle to the propane tank. Simply screw the male end of the propane nozzle into the female end of the propane tank. You may hear a vacuum sound as the connection and seal is made.

Season the grill grate with vegetable shortening. Apply a generous amount of vegetable shortening onto that grill grate with your paper towel.

Place the grill grate back on the grill.

Turn the grill dials to the “light” position for the burners and unscrew the propane valve, releasing propane to those burners.

Light the grill by hitting the ignition button. Close the cover of the grill and allow it to reach a temperature of 400 degrees F to begin grilling.