Bar blades are the choice of bartenders for popping the metal caps off beer bottles because the design makes them much faster and easier to use than other bottle openers such as wall-mount openers and church keys. A bar blade is simply a flat metal bar that fits in your hand. The bottle opener end has a rectangular hole with a slightly curved lip at the top and bottom of the rectangle for easier gripping of the lid. When the bar blade pries the metal cap off the bottle neck, it makes a loud popping sound.

Place the rectangular opening on the side of the bottle cap. Part of the bottle cap should come through the opening.

Line up the bottom curved lip so it is locked underneath the bottle cap lip. Rest the top curved lip on top of the bottle cap; the top lip might not touch the top of the bottle cap until force is applied, depending on the bar blade.

Pull up on the bar blade handle to remove the bottle cap. The top curved lip and bottle cap top are used as a fulcrum for this simple lever that pries the bottle cap off the bottle neck.


  • After you familiarize yourself with the bar blade and pop a few bottles, you’ll be able to position the bar blade under the cap without thinking about it. With practice, you can even achieve the impressive lightning speeds of professional bartenders.

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