The healthiest ways to cook catfish, halibiut, lingcod, Mahi Mahi, Read Snapper, Rock Cod, Samom, Shark, Sordfish, Tilapia, trout, or tuna use a method of poaching. Here’s some methods to poach these types of fish.

Round a large,flat fish such as halibut or samon can be cut into steaks and cutlets. Statkes are cut from the tail end. Cutlets are cut from the center. Both are usually about 1 inches.

Use enough fish stock or bouillon to cover fish. Add a little lemon juce, wine, vinegar, and/or herbs to flavor the fish. Simmer until fish is opaque and flakes easily when tested with a fork, remove if or when ready, and serve.

If you prefer to steam, place the fish on a rack above gently on boiling liquid. The fish will steam in 3 -12 minutes, depeding on the cut and size. Steaming is low fat and is a healthy way to prepare fish.