Many women with thin lips prefer the look of full, pouty lips. A variety of methods exist to plump lips, including lip injections from a dermatologist. Some makeup companies now offer lipsticks or glosses that promise to plump lips. The ingredients for many of these products include cinnamon leaf oil and peppermint oil. It’s possible to safely plump lips at home with cinnamon leaf oil and peppermint oil.

Things You'll Need

Open a tube or jar of liquid lip gloss.

Drop one to three drops of cinnamon leaf oil or peppermint oil into the lip gloss.

Mix the oil into the lip gloss with a gloss wand or cotton swab.

Dip a finger into the gloss and wait a couple of minutes. If the gloss doesn’t sting too badly, then continue on.

Apply the gloss to your lips. Repeat as needed.