By Jennifer VanBaren

Many people's hairlines form a "V"-shaped point at the top of their foreheads. This point of hair, called a "widow's peak" (sometimes called a "widower's peak" in men) is often unwanted by those who have one. To determine whether you have one, simply pull your hair back to expose your complete forehead. If you would like to remove your widow's peak, plucking it out is the easiest and most cost-effective method.

Plucking a widow's peak may cause redness and ingrown hairs.

Step 1

Purchase a good pair of tweezers. Effective tweezers should form a good grip on individual hairs, allowing you to pluck them. Test a pair of tweezers before using them to ensure they work well. Using tweezers as a hair-removing method allows you to have precision over which hairs you pluck.

Step 2

Place a hot cloth on your widow's peak. Heating up your skin around this area will allow you to pluck the hairs more easily. Alternatively, take a hot shower right before you begin removing your widow's peak.

Step 3

Stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit room. Using your thumb and middle finger, pull out as many of the hairs making up the widow's peak as possible.

Step 4

Pluck the remaining hairs with tweezers.Grip the hair firmly, gently stretch the skin up and pull gently. Remove each hair that is part of the widow's peak.

Step 5

Inspect your hairline. After finishing, pull your hair back and check to ensure you did not miss any hairs. If you find any stray hairs, pluck them. Periodically check your hairline on your forehead, and pluck any stray hairs. Plucked hair will most likely grow back; you may have to repeat this process occasionally.