Your fashion choices say a lot about you. What you wear helps other people gain a sense of your personality at a single glance. Although experimenting with styles is fun, once you’ve figured out how to express your true personality through fashion, you’ll feel and look more confident every time you get dressed. Your personal fashion style translates from work to school to home to parties, so you look your best all the time.

Read magazines and watch movies or TV for inspiration. When you see an outfit or accessory that appeals to you, make a note. Notice trends that emerge in your likes and dislikes. For instance, you might be drawn to glamorous vintage outfits or prefer a punk rock look. Find a celebrity whose general height, hair color and appearance match your own, and observe how she dresses to flatter her body type or evoke a different mood. Add your own personalized details to make the outfits your own.

Borrow clothes and accessories. Trying on many different styles is the easiest way to see what looks suit your personality. Ask friends and family members whether you can try on clothing items or accessories that catch your attention. If possible, borrow the items for a few days and test your new look at work, school or a party.

Consult with people who have known you for a long time as well as new friends. Put on a miniature fashion show or ask friends and family which outfits they have noticed and liked in the past. Arrange a quick shopping trip so you can style new clothes. Listen to their advice and feedback regarding which clothes suit your personality.

Take photos of your outfit every day. Try to pose in the same position each time, preferably facing forward so that your outfit is clearly visible, and stand against a white wall or other basic backdrop. Look at the photos later to note positives and negatives. Try the same outfit several times, updating it and improving it each time.

Write a list of your favorite outfits from your past. Focus on outfits that made you feel happy and confident, whether it was a sparkly dress at prom or brightly colored rain boots when you were young. Update your list of inspirations regularly, and use updated versions of the ideas when shopping for new items or putting together an outfit. For instance, wear a pair of sparkly earrings or stylish combat boots.