Understand the difference in indoor tanning lotions and the features can be frustrating. Such a hard decision to know what you need and want to look for in a tanning bed lotion.

Things You'll Need

To pick the tanning bed lotion best for your needs please read the following different elements lotions offer. Pick what features suit you best and go to your local salon and ask for the products that contain those qualities.

Accelerators are usually a step one product. They are for people who do not have a base tan but wish to. A tanner applies this to their skin before tanning… for best results at least an hour before your visit. Most accelerators will have a high level of moisturizer in the lotion and you want time for that moisturizer to set in. Any tanner should always use a tanning lotion regardless of which step that has a high level of moisturizers.

A maximizer is a step two products. They are for people who have already developed a base tan and which to reach a darker level tan. A maximizer does not usually contain high levels of moisturizers there for should be applied immediately prior to tanning. A maximizer that is being made with high levels of moisturizers are usually very expensive. However, they do help you tan better.

Tingle factor can sometimes be considered a step three product. In the tanning process more melanin is produced tingle lotion causes and increase in blood circulation and can aid in more melanin being produced. This lotion is for advance users only can be very unpleasant to sensitive skin or beginners. Some people it burns hardly at all and others can whelp and burn for 5 hours. You will be red and assuming you didn’t burn yourself you will go from looking like a lobster to being normal. You should test a patch of skin before trying it on for size on the entire body.

A bronzer is a tanning lotion that has sunless tanner mixed into it. The whole purpose of bronzer is to hurry a tan up with a fake tan while the skin catches up the fake tan. Some bronzers are strong, light, streak and streak free. The only advice I have here is to proceed with caution because this can give some people that fake orange tan or dirty hand effect.

Body blush is something that gives the effect of tingle without the burning and heat sensation. I don’t feel the reddening and increase blood circulation to be as powerful but it does offer a substitute for someone who can not tolerate tingle.

Anti aging is ingredients added to the lotion to help keep your skin from aging. They usually contain vitamins that are good for the skin.

This covers the most common features a tanning bed lotion has to offer. What you will want to do is decide if you need an accelerator or maximizer and go from there. Good luck on buying your tanning bed lotion.


  • Moisturize is the key to getting a good long lasting tan. You can read my other article on getting the most of your visits for tips.