Your hair essentially serves as a frame for your face, which makes it imperative to pick a hairstyle that flatters your specific face shape. Hair cuts are geometric patterns that can either enhance or diminish your facial features, which means that every new and hip haircut may not look the same on you as it does the hair models in the magazines. Take some time to research hairstyles that will compliment your face shape before your next appointment at the salon.

Things You'll Need

Stand in front of the mirror and pull your hair back from your face. Determine which face shape you have: Oval, round, square, heart, triangular, diamond or oblong.

Recognize that if the length of your face is about one and a half times the width of your face, you have an oval face shape. Oval faces can be framed by virtually any hairstyle. Search your hair magazines for any style that suits your fancy.

Discover that you have a round face shape if the width of your face is approximately equal to its length. Scope out your hairstyle magazines for styles that include a length below the chin and layers or side-swept fringes.

Notice that you have a square face shape if you have a broad forehead and angular, chiseled jawline. Look for hairstyles that include layers blown away from the face, and soft bangs that balance your strong features.

Look in the mirror and recognize that if your face is wide at the forehead and cheekbones, yet narrow at the chin, you have heart-shaped face. Find hairstyles that are chin length, with long layers around the face. Also look for styles that include a deep side part.

Spot triangular faces by noting a wide jawline with narrow cheekbones and forehead. Choose hairstyles from your magazines that have up-swept bangs and voluminousness layers around the crown of the head.

Recognize a diamond shaped face by observing wide cheekbones, juxtaposed by a narrow forehead and jawline. Pick hairstyles for this face shape that include bangs across the forehead, and wispy layers around the cheekbones.

Not the fact that if your face is longer than it is wide, you have an oblong face shape. Search your magazines for hairstyles that are chin length, with plenty of fringe to add texture to your facial frame.


  • Use an online virtual hairstyle program to see how various hairstyles look when superimposed over an actual picture of yourself. These programs can be found using a simple search engine query.