People with square faces tend to have strong, angular jaw lines. If you measure a square face, you will find that it is about as wide at the top and bottom as it is long on each side. You can wear your hair in any length or style that you wish if you have a square face, but there are certain aspects of the cut that should be factored in so that your hairstyle is as flattering to your features as possible. In this article, we will discuss how to pick a hairstyle for a square face.

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How to Pick a Hairstyle for a Square Face

Determine any guiding parameters. If you definitely want a short haircut, or you have other requirements, such as your style cannot need more than 15 minutes of maintenance each morning, factor this in when you start looking for hairstyles because these dictates will influence how and where you look for your style.

Make sure that you actually have a square face. Square faces have defined jaws and are roughly square shaped due to broad foreheads, high cheekbones and short, angular chins. If your features do not meet this description, you may be selecting your hairstyle by incorrect parameters.

Look in fashion magazines to find some examples of cuts you like. Try to focus on the hair rather than on the faces of the people. As long as they have a square face, do not pay much more attention to their facial characteristics. A haircut can make you look glamorous, but it cannot make you look like someone else unless you already bear a resemblance to that person. Square faces look best when hair is longer around the face. Straight hair is generally most flattering, and extremely long hair is also very popular among women with square faces because it softens their feaures.

Consult your hair stylist. Take the pictures of the cut that you want duplicated to the salon. Ask your stylist if she can help you imagine what your hair will look like with the new cut. Also ask her if she thinks it is a flattering cut. A good stylist will tell you the truth and steer you toward a version of your desired hairstyle that will look best on you.