How to Perform a Chemical Peel at Home. Thanks to modern technology, people in their forties can look 10 years younger. Chemical peels are a quick solution to aging skin; however, they can cost a lot of money when performed in a doctor´s office or spa. Don´t panic. Manufacturers have come up with a reasonable solution: perform your own home chemical peel and save a bundle. Read the information below to find out more.

Go to the Dry Chemical Peel website (see Resources below).

Read all of the information on the page, and decide between AHA peel, TCA peel or a combination peel.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ¨Find the cheapest chemical peels to treat these problems >>¨ link to read more about where to purchase your chemical peel.

Visit and register at to purchase your home chemical peel kit. Type the words ¨Chemical Peel¨ in the search box and press the ¨Search¨ button.

Scroll down the product options. Check for strength and ingredients before purchasing product. Select and purchase a home chemical peel.

Wait for product to arrive by mail. Follow manufacturers instructions carefully. Check for adverse reactions before doing the actual peel.

Prepare your skin for chemical peel as instructed by manufacturer and perform chemical peel accordingly.

Expect some flaking and dryness. Watch how your skin´s texture improves with regular use.


  • Always wear sunscreen after using AHA or TCA peels.

  • Start off with a lower percentage strength peel first and work your way up to a full strength peel.