Changing up your facial makeup can make you feel refreshed, renewed and emboldened. Adding faux freckles to your face is one fun way to break out of your normal makeup routine and try something new. Don’t be afraid to try this subtle trick to change your look. With some patience and practice, you will be able to add your “new accessories” with ease — and you may be surprised at what else you become inspired to try!

Things You'll Need

Select a photograph of the freckled look you desire from a magazine or quick Internet image search. You will feel less overwhelmed during the application process if you have a look to mimic and a “freckle map” to follow.

Dot the eyebrow pencil against your skin, mimicking the size and location of the dots in the picture you have selected as your inspiration. Concentrate application on your nose and cheekbones. Make sure the tip of your eyebrow pencil is sharp; a dull tip will make precise application difficult.

Sweep face powder over your face to set your “faux freckles” using a soft fluffy powder brush. This will decrease the chances of the dots smudging or fading.

Dust bronzer lightly over your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin using the same fluffy powder brush. Natural freckles are brought out by the sun, so this adds authenticity to the look. Don’t use a bronzer that is too dark or too orange for your skin tone. It will ruin the natural look you are trying to achieve.


  • Keep the rest of your makeup light and fresh. You want the look to seem as natural as possible.

  • Don’t skimp on the face powder. It not only sets the pencil, it also tones down the color and makes your “freckles” blend into your natural skin tone.

  • Have makeup remover and cotton swabs on hand for quick removal of mistakes.